How to bridge new ERC-20's using Omnibridge

I am having difficulty bridging a new token (for already bridged tokens it works great). I followed the guide here but when I hit transfer it just loaded for a couple of seconds but Metamask never popped up to pay for the transfer.

So, I followed the guide for using the omnibridge extension. It went fine until it asked me for $130 in fees. I tried again later and it came up as $245 in gas fees. Is this the amount you might expect for bridging 29 tokens? Since I wasn’t even sure if it would work, I really didn’t want to spend this much!

Can anyone help? Thanks

which token are you trying to bridge via OmniBridge?

I was trying to bridge Dego


I wanted to try with a token that wasn’t too dear to me in case it didn’t work!


Should I try with a different token?

yes, try to bridge STAKE

I have already bridged STAKE and others with no problem. It worked really well. I can do the ones that are on the list of already bridged tokens, but I am trying to bridge a token that hasn’t yet been bridged. Did I misread the instructions? They made it seem like it was a process that anyone could do.