How to cancel a transaction?

The gas fee is very high, I need to cancel the transaction and the claim only keeps appearing…
How can i cancel it?

Are you talking about the transaction on OmniBridge between xDai and ETH mainnet?

YES! I’m talking about this transaction! Please help me!

There is no way to cancel it. However, your funds are safe and you can finish the transfer later - there is no time limit.

Also, the actual gas fee will most likely be 2-3x lower. Check this article: Bridges: xDai Bridge & OmniBridge - xDai

And also here you can see the actual gas fees on the bridge transfers: POA Network: xDAI OmniBridge | 0x88ad09518695c6c3712ac10a214be5109a655671


Can you help me please?

I sent MOVR from metamask to kucoin. It was over 3.5 hours ago. The deposit still hasn’t shown in my kucoin account. My MOVR was in my Metamask Moonbeam wallet, but it’s the same contract address. I wasn’t able to send my MOVR to my metamask Moonriver wallet. Honestly, I didn’t know how. I tried, but I figured it would still transfer and get to my kucoin MOVR wallet. Was I wrong? If so, how can I change this and recover my MOVR Coins?