How to connect your wallet to POA Network

We are live!

Friends! The day has finally arrived and we have launched POA Network. You can now add the network through various methods and send and receive your POA tokens.

The following is a guide on how to set up the POA mainet in three different services: MetaMask and MyEtherWallet and our partner TrustWallet. In both MetaMask and MyEtherWallet, you will need to change the network and add the custom POA network before you see your token balance. In TrustWallet, the POA network is already included in the list of networks to access.

If you want to use MetaMask to change network and receive the tokens, you will need to first import your private keys for the Ethereum wallet that you used. Below are the steps for the whole process, and with each step there will be a GIF to show what needs to be done

Step 1: Acquire your MetaMask wallet

If you already have a MetaMask wallet setup, feel free to move on to step 2. If you do not already have the MetaMask extension/addon set up in your browser, you will have to go to For Chrome users, select “Get Chrome Extension,” for Firefox, “Get Firefox Addon.”

Step 2: Changing the RPC
To change the RPC, click on the on the MetaMask icon in your browser. After clicking on the top left part of the extension, navigate down to “Custom RPC” and in there, add in the following URL for the network:
You are now connected to the POA network and if you imported the same wallet that you used to purchase the POA tokens, you should see your token balance displayed.

For using MyEtherWallet, the process is very similar, except that you do not need to install an extension.

Step 1: Changing to the the POA network
Navigate to and on the top right you will a dropdown where you can select the network that is defaulted to “Network ETH (MyEtherWallet)”. Click on that dropdown and scroll down to “ POA”.

You are now connected to the POA network!

Step 2: Checking your balance
You can now navigate through MyEtherWallet as you usually would and if you use the same address for purchasing POA you will now see POA tokens in your balance.

Ledger Nano and Trezor
Ledger and Trezor integration is now available by default through in the POA network through MyEtherWallet. Simply navigate to the site, change the network as outlined above in the MyEtherWallet integration and then choose either Ledger Wallet or Trezor when opening your wallet.

Our partner TrustWallet already comes with the POA network loaded in its list of networks.

Step 1: Creating / Importing your wallet
If this is your first time opening TrustWallet, the first screen will present you with two options for either generating a new a wallet or importing one you already have. Clicking on Import Wallet will present a screen where you put in your private key.

Step 2: Changing the network

To change the network, click on the Settings icon , and then on the first item, Network. There you will see a list of networks, including POA Network. Selecting that, will change your network to the POA network and if you had imported the same address used to purchasing POA you should see your tokens there now.

You should now be able to see your POA balance as well as send and receive POA tokens.

The above guides was for using different wallets to change and connect to the POA network.
We are also still working on our chain explorer, and it should be ready soon for everyone to use and explore the POA network.

Finally, if you have not received your token, please get in touch with one of the admin and team members in telegram. There are a few people who have not completed their validation and will need to do so in order to receive their POA.


awesome stuff! Humbling to see how fast and far this community has come ( and moving towards the future).

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Here is how you can use ledger now.

  1. download parity
  2. download spec.json -
  3. run parity:
    parity --chain spec.json --bootnodes=enode://097a4a1429a8875d4a9222f8b81040d2c3bbdcfa3a2d849a289f9b3e3416d70d4e472792de9cd2ac61942867f40789c22b26c3acefe9035526d29ec186fce42b@ -d CorePoa ui
  4. Connect your ledger
  5. Open Ethereum App
  6. Make sure: Setting - > Browser Support -> No on your ledger
  7. You should see Nano S under accounts in ledger

P.S. it only loads 1st account in Parity

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Hey, are you able to find any peers to sync the network when you connect to Parity in this way?

I can see the network but not sync to it. Any help would be great :slight_smile:

Is there any integration with MEW and trezor?

make sure you are using Core branch for the spec.json repo
Name spec should be CORE please verify

Deleted comment. I can see the ledger support is directly above now

Thanks all good now. I was syncing to the wrong branch.

So… I bought POA at an exchange and transferred it to my Metamask account, but the POA is not showing.

I tried connecting to the POA Network, as explained above, but still nothing. Could you help? Anything I might be doing wrong?

Do you have several keys in your MetaMask? Maybe you have wrong key selected?

Also, could you post exactly what you added to MetaMask as custom RPC?

Should be

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Hi Marat, tks for the help.

Keys: only one

Custom RPC:

At the Custom RPC now it’s showing that I have ETH, not POA… the exact amount of POA I transferred from the exchange, but as ETH (not POA).


Ethplorer is also not showing the transaction.

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Raul, don’t worry, this IS your POA balance. In MetaMask it shows as ETH. (At least for now)

Here is a list of wallets for your reference:

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You should be able to view your transaction here:

If you’re interested, take a look at this link for upcoming features:

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Excellent, thank you!