How to get access to xDai blockchain nodes

We’re glad to let you know that cooperates with xDai to add support to xDai (STAKE) nodes!

The service allows developers to build blockchain apps faster, as they don’t need to worry about nodes configuration and maintenance.

Start building dApps and DeFi on xDai today: xDai (STAKE) node specification and pricing |

Profit from 40,000 requests/day for free on shared nodes or request for a dedicated node for your project with an unlimited number of requests.

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Hi, do you guys support xDAIchain mainnet only or SOKOL also?
I am interested in trying the service. I need a node with JSON-RPC enabled.


Hey Juan, thank you for reaching out!

Currently, we offer access to xDai mainnet with JSON-RPC, however, SOKOL testnet for xDai will be launched shortly also.
At the moment we provide a special offer for dedicated nodes, which allows you to have an unlimited number of requests. If you are interested to try it out and cooperate, please, let me know (contact us in DM: Telegram: Contact @GetBlock_official)

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