How to get xdai in safepal wallet?

How can we see DAI converted to xdai in safepal wallet?

I connected my safepal to xdaibridge app (
converted DAI to xdai
I can see xdai in xdai-bridge app when I connect wallet to xdaibridgeapp

but how can I see xdai tokens in my safepal wallet ?
which contract address to add or what to do ??

Please suggest

If the safepal wallet support adding a custom RPC URL, you need to add it similar how it is done for MetaMask: Wallets - xDai STAKE.


Thanks for the Prompt reply. Yes, I have already raised the issue with them.

There is no way to add a custom mainnet to safepal.
xDAI token there is ERC20 Only.

You probably mean STAKE and not xDai: Dual Token Model Explainer - xDai STAKE

You can add xdai but it’s on the ethereum network not the xdai network. You can add the xdai network as a custom network on metamask but safepal doesn’t have that ability