How to unlock token after finalized crowdsale?


I’ve finalized the crowdsale but token is still untradeable. It showed me Out of Gas:
Please help!


You have used not enough gas for transfer transaction. Did you manually insert 51000 gas? try to increase gas limit for transfer tx up to 80000 if you do it manually. But if you will do it with MEW, for example, it should automatically calculate the needed gas

Ah it worked, thanks Viktor! Another question, do you know how can I verify the contract: ?


Use another link:
The tutorial is here*:

*Video tutorial is a little bit outdated, but the screenshots of verification forms are renewed.

I succeeded at step 1 SafeMathLib but I can’t do step 2 at CrowdsalTokenExt. It always shows me this:

Sorry! The Compiled Contract ByteCode for ‘CrowdsaleTokenExt’ does NOT match the Contract Creation Code for [0x58725f79F2450AA270977a188505da9Ace7Be682].

Contract name(s) found: ‘CrowdsaleTokenExt’ , ‘ERC20’ , ‘ERC20Basic’ , ‘MintableTokenExt’ , ‘Ownable’ , ‘ReleasableToken’ , ‘SafeMath’ , ‘SafeMathLibExt’ , ‘StandardToken’ , ‘UpgradeAgent’ , ‘UpgradeableToken’
Unable to Verify Contract source code.
Tip: The Contract appears to have been compiled with Optimization=NO, but you have set Optimization=Yes for the source code verification.

Any ideas about this?

Please check the same questions about verification in this forum. Other users already have some bad experience with verification. And follow the guide carefully, especially check verification page before pressing “Verify” button and screenshots from the tutorial

Yeah I’ve read that article but it still can’t work for me.

It worked. Thank you so much!