How to Use the ETC - WETC Bridge on MetaMask

How to Use the ETC - WETC Bridge

  1. Log into your wallet either through the Metamask or Nifty Wallet.

  2. For the purposes of this tutorial we use Metamask. Connect to the Custom RPC Chain using the following input parameters:

  1. Access the ETC - WETC Bridge from You are prompted to connect your wallet from Metamask to the Bridge.

Note: After clicking connect you can see your ETC balance and the network you are connected to. In this case, it’s 1.09 ETC on the Ethereum Classic Network.

  1. To move 1 ETC (minimum amount) from the Ethereum Classic Network to the Ethereum Network, enter this into the field and click transfer.

  1. You will see a popup window with the bridge transfer fees. To proceed, click Continue.

  1. On the final confirmation page, check all values and click Submit.

  1. Processing takes a few minutes, after which you will see the ETC successfully made it from the Ethereum Classic Network to the Ethereum Network.

  1. If you would like to send ETC back to the Ethereum Classic Network from the Ethereum Network, the steps are easy! All you have to do is switch your Metamask wallet to ensure its connected to the Ethereum Network and then go back to step 4!

Note: If connected correctly, you will notice the Ethereum logo on the top left side and the Ethereum Classic logo on bottom right side, just like the image below!

For bridge parameters such as minimum transfer amounts and fees, see this post.

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You can also use Saturn Wallet, which supports Ethereum & Ethereum Classic natively - you can swap between both networks in one click :slight_smile:

Had you try Saturn Wallet with WETC bridge?

Does Saturn Wallet Support POA Core and xDai natively already? IF not, is there a process to submit networks for support? Thanks!

Yes, I just gave it a try now and worked perfectly fine :slight_smile:

Currently Saturn Wallet supports Ethereum & Ethereum Classic, you definitely can make a request on our forum for more network support:

Great, would you submit the request to add support for POA Core and xDai? I’m not a member of your forum yet. Thanks!

Is it hard to join the forum?

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Hello POA team :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

Please excuse me kind of posting this here which is not related to the topic itself but I didn’t find any other option to get in direct contact with one of the POA team members (messages seem to be deactivated).

My name is Florenz and I’m working with on Community & PR.
For our HR ecosystem, we have deployed a custom Ethereum side chain and plan on utilizing the POA token bridge as the standard gateway between our chain and the Ethereum mainnet.

We would very much like to establish some official connections with the POA team, for partnerships on anything our both projects could benefit from, or perhaps for some joint-marketing.

Looking forward to getting in touch with someone from the team, either through Telegram (@Flout) or email (

Best Regards


Hi @FLout,
I am Manuel from We contributed with the POA Team by developing lots of their tech stack, mainly on bridges.
I’ll reach out to you via email to explore if and how we can help you.

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