How to Use the ETC - WETC Bridge on Nifty Wallet

How to Use the ETC - WETC Bridge - Nifty Wallet

  1. First you need to log into your wallet through the Nifty wallet chrome extension

  2. Now select Ethereum Classic from the dropdown menu

  3. You should now see Ethereum Classic as the network on the top left along with your ETC balance

  4. Now you must access the ETC - WETC Bridge using the following link:

For the purposes of this guide you can see 1.09 ETC exists on the Ethereum Classic Network & 0.99 WETC (representation of ETC) exists on the Ethereum Network

I’ve decided I want to move my entire 1.09 ETC from the Ethereum Classic Network to the Ethereum Network

  1. After I click Transfer, I see a popup window that tells me the fees associated with using the bridge for this transfer. This is fine for me so I will click Continue

  1. Now I’ve reached the final confirmation page. I will do a quick inspection of all the numbers and values and click Submit.

  1. After a few minutes, I can see that my ETC successfully made it from the Ethereum Classic Network to the Ethereum Network.

And the transfer is complete!

  1. If you would like to send ETC back to the Ethereum Classic Network from the Ethereum Network, the steps are easy!

All you have to do is switch your Nifty wallet to ensure its connected to the Ethereum Network and then go back to step 4

Note: If connected correctly, you will notice the Ethereum logo on the top left side and the Ethereum Classic logo on bottom right side, just like the image below