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Hello ya’ll. I wasn’t born in Texas but have lived here for over 30 years and married local. I have been reading about blockchain and crytocurrency for some time and am greatly expanding my knowledge in the last two weeks via Melanie Marsollier; my new instructor who got me introduced to the POA Network . I’m very excited about riding the train to new methods of validating transactions between individual peers versus old fashioned business intermediaries. I am in the process of applying for my Texas notary license.

I currently earn a paycheck by providing technology consulting services around good administrative and financial practices within IT departments. I have been published on the topic based on my over 20 years in the field. My LinkedIn profile gives the low down on my experience:

I’ve also started several businesses with my husband and partner around real estate investing. I currently am serving a two year term as an Alderman on our local City Council and have served in various other city commissions and boards throughout the years. Overall, I’ve lots of experience on business and governmental administration. I also give back to the community as a part time member of the Sherman Rotary Club, when I’m able to attend and foster pets through our local rescue group. I have 3 pound puppies of my own.

Looking forward to the next steps,

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Hello there,

Great to see you here, and would love to ask if you have any questions that either myself or the community might be able to help out with. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reach out. No questions as yet as I’m more in the tactical mode of making certain I’ve taken care of preparatory steps. I’m also still reading tons. Do you have reading recommendations for a novice?



Bond purchased and notary app with the state. Learning more every day. Thank goodness notary principles are well known.


Hey POA Community, I just received my notary license from the State of Texas. Very excited to start the next steps and I’m looking forward to being on-boarded to the testnet.

I have attached a screenshot of my proof of license from the state’s search engine. They haven’t sent the confirmation email to me as yet, but the search does show that I am licensed now.


Very excited to share that I co-authored blockchain whitepaper to be published by EY and Huaweii (URL to follow) “Making the network the cloud: How blockchain is pushing the cloud all the way to the edge.” Fantastic experience in which team constructed proposal about blockchain enabling true P2P distributed computing. The potential for accessibility for all to inexpensive, high powered compute/store, especially small business, is very exciting.


Please share link - looking forward to reading. Do you work for EY or Huaweii?


EY. I was excited about the paper being ready to be put on internet, but the internal wheels don’t move as fast as I’d like them to.


Do you want to update your intro post title to state that the license is no longer in “pending” state?


Finally have the public link to the whitepaper. Love for folks to take a look:



Finally go the link:



Thank you for the intro! What do you think would be some good use cases that POA should consider?


Tough and broad question for one who’s still a newbie (drank from a firehose in participating on that paper). The paper is how true p2p networking is now possible due to a convergence of several technologies, including blockchain. Blockchain supplies the transactional capabilities, but do I think POA would be a part of the validation of billions of minute transactions such as with individuals that would now potentially exist? I don’t think so. I would see POA as focusing on a particular audience of nodes, maybe collective nodes e.g. larger organizations. Could POA grow to servicing billions of transactions, maybe, but i believe in starting with a focus and expanding. i don’t think the question is, is their a particular use case of distributed networking for POA, but rather what audience, if any, does POA want to focus on? Distributed networking is just the vehicle for greater usage of blockchain and POA. Once the audience is chosen, then choosing the proper vehicle would come next. The relationship is that POA is making itself available for the future onslaught of transactions needing validation.