Howto buy from Mist wallet

Hello, I created a testIco on Rinkeby network -> contract address: 0xb4a9Ada281E35de9483778CFa7837D6AE215f02C

Now I’d like to buy tokens directly from Mist/Ethereum Wallet.
However: When I send eth to the address I got "transaction failed"
I saw that in this notice in the Ivest page of my ICO:
“Here you can invest in the crowdsale campaign. At the moment, you need Metamask client to invest into the crowdsale. If you don’t have Metamask, you can send ethers to the crowdsale address with a MethodID: 0xa6f2ae3a.”

So where do I have to specify the method address ?

Usually it is data input parameter for transaction. Have you seen ?

thank you I figured it out. The problem was that the contract address stated in the final page is wrong.
If you click on “invest” and check the contract address it is different from the one stated in the page.
Using the correct address with the method id … simply works.

It is very interesting. I have never seen such issue. Could you share a screenshot with us? If it is a bug, we could fix it.