Humble request for 1000 kETH - Blockchain game developpement

Hi folks

Facing the end of most of our beloved faucets, here I am to kindly ask for 1000 kETH :pensive:

We got away with the Chainlink Faucet for some time, but we just need too many kETH for effective testing, and that manual 0.1 kETH rate is just too low for a game environment.

Here is the address : 0x8167Ba4592d00cd74d28E66E3380Dd3E0b63054B

Thanks for reading, and many thanks for spending some of your time on this, that’s really sweet.



Can you please share more info about the project you are working on? URL to the game would be great too.



Sure, we’re trying to build a modular blockchain game, with major focus on action gameplay.
We are quite early in the building process, and don’t have a website yet.

I guess it may seem kinda shady as I don’t want to leak too much, but I’d be happy to tell you more about the project in MP if needed

Thanks again!



Sent you 1K KETH, enjoy the testing and don’t forget to ping me here once the game is live

Thanks, will do for sure! :slightly_smiling_face:

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