I am a noob to EnergyWeb Chain But Want to Learn How to Mine

Can someone guide me through the process of mining EWT? Or is this POS, where I can run a node or stake EWT to earn EWT? If the former, is a CPU/GPU sufficient to mine or is an ASIC needed? Please help!

Hi I hope you are ok. As far as I know they don’t use POW, for further information you should contact Energy Web team

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EnergyWebChain is a Proof of Authority chain, which means you have to be an EWF member and need to be manually added to the validator set in order to sign blocks. The only way to get EWT right now would be buying them, afaik.

How do you become an EWF member and subsequently added to the validator set?! Is this not a possibility?

Based on the Energy Web criteria, Validators must be legally registered organizations, not individuals:

You should review and follow the Energy Web Foundation criteria, available in above link.