I am Theresa--Nevada-Notary Public


Hi POA community,

I am super excited to be part of the validator network and POA family. Since identity is what makes all of us unique and staking our identity to be part of a common project and goal is not a small endeavor. I want to make sure to share more about who I am and why I would be a valuable asset to the community.

I am Theresa Cable. Cal grad and relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. I am currently in the process of getting notarized in Nevada . I run my own commerce business selling travel products which combines two of my favorite passions— travel and entrepreneurship. I found out about the POA Network by Melanie Marsollier, who is a current POA Validator and female thought leader in the crypto space.

Empowering more women to be involved in entrepreneurship and blockchain technology is one of my greatest passions. As a half-asian woman, I am excited to help increase the percentage of women in the space. In my spare time , I enjoy reading up on blockchain technology. I am one of the only women in an ICO investment group in which I actively help syndicate deals. Learning about blockchain technology and its affect on so many facets of everyday life continues to challenge and fascinate me. I find most of my friend network consists of people who are active in the blockchain community due to its ability to bring together some of the most intelligent, inspiring, kind and driven people.

I am excited about governance and would like to participate as a validator on testnet. I have an AWS account set up. The importance of validators is to make sure we meet requirements to avoid delays in the network, the health of the node, and voting. I will not only do these activities in a timely manner, I would love to share any of my knowledge with the POA community to help promote and advocate for the network.

I passed my notary test for Nevada April 8, 2018. I already received my bond for Nevada and I am mailing in my final application today or tomorrow.

On a personal level, some of my favorite interests are fitness, telling dad jokes, investing, business, Thailand, and travel optimization. I am excited for this opportunity to give back to the POA community.

I am passionate about the network and its ability to help solve the problem of scalability in blockchain technology. POA’s ability to help solve that problem along with overcoming many of the shortcomings of Proof of Work due to transactions speed, blockchain throughput and cost of network makes it one of the best projects out there.

Feel free to add me on social media at www.facebook.com/theresacharitycable or/and https://www.linkedin.com/in/theresacable/.

Thanks everyone. Here is a pic of one of my other passions besides blockchain tech.


Hi Everyone,
All my interactions with the Validators has been very helpful, and informative in helping relate the POA network and blockchain technology to my own industry of e-commerce.

As a small business owner who sells products on Amazon, there are many problems regarding fake/ counterfeit items that face current sellers on the platform. Some of them being hijacked listings where counterfeit products are sold for cheaper pricing competing for your name brand product. For honest sellers, combating dishonest competitors can be a serious pain point and obstacle in their business. Blockchain technology will help evolve the future of commerce where the authenticity of products can be validated on the blockchain network and counterfeiting will be made substantially more difficult.

I look forward to possibility to be a Validator to POA as well as assisting in POA’s role within e-commerce and authenticity.
Feel free to message me with any questions.

Thank you,


Hello Theresa, interesting idea. How do you plan assisting in POA’s role within e-commerce and authenticity?


Hi Henry,

Great question. My own personal experience could assist in creating a case study In addition, helping to share awareness and creating a greater dialogue would be a good start. I am open to speaking to POA developers to discuss the technical side for potential solutions by sharing my experience on the seller side.

My personal experience as a business owner who sells a majority of my inventory on Amazon makes this issue very important to me. I know it affects a large proportion of 3rd party sellers who are seeking a solution to this problem. In the current state, when a hijacking of a listing occurs, the authentic seller no longer has the buy box and fraudulent seller is able to overtake a listing directing the customers to purchase their fraudulent products. A seller must then call into Amazon which usually proves to be useless and/or send a cease and desist letter to the fraudulent seller to remove themselves from the listing. Usually the fraudulent seller is doing this to several listings in which removing themselves from one results in countless others still being active.

Many sellers feel pretty helpless with these problems and aren’t sure what to do. Even with obtaining authentic GS1 codes, which Identify unique products with barcodes, there is not a quick, efficient way to validate this information and create complete transparency/authenticity.

Without going too much into the weeds, I would be more than willing to jump on a call to explain more and brainstorm ideas. Open to suggestions.

Thanks Henry.



I believe integrating RFID chip technology with blockchain might solve the problem. One of the projects that is already working on it is www.waltonchain.org.


Thanks for sharing this info. I asked a friend about it and discovered that he is also launching another company looking to solve this issue–Authentic. A proprietary printing process that can create unique tags that cannot be counterfeited. The founder also has a background working at Amazon.

From my understanding it appears Waltonchain’s parent child chain protocol is very scalable since congestion is isolated to each child-chain, thus keeping unnecessary transactions off of the parent chain. This seems to be similar to the scalability benefits of PoA where each child-chain is capable of using independent infrastructure from the parent-chain.


I believe this is what they are trying to achieve. They are building their own blockchain to scale and solve this particular problem.


In order to prepare myself for the potential role of a validator I am enrolled in Linux Foundation Training. I will complete the training and pass the exam to run/maintain a healthy node and further my technical expertise.

My notary certification should be finalized by end of this week/next week.




Here is a list of useful commands that might help you:

“Ubuntu tips and tricks” https://medium.com/@maratp/ubuntu-tips-and-tricks-5a51a8bbc718


Thank you Marat. I look them over and bookmarked these


Let me know if you need any help


Hey @TCABLE! Good to have you here! Since “staking identity” is a philosophical concept with important practical implications for validators, I would love to hear what staking identity means to you, independently of how it’s interpreted in POA. In sense that there might be variety of interpretations of what it could mean.


Oxana, you have phrased this question very well. Looking forward to your thoughts Theresa, and responses from others as well.


I believe staking your identity, either as a validator or a civilian, is a choice I’m calling: necessary risk. The individual staking is responsible for deciding the level of necessity. Outside of POA, requirements may be in place where certain personal identifiers are mandatory and it’s up to you, the individual, to decide how necessary the application, form, service, etc you are staking your identity for is to you.


Great question. First, I think it is important to address how someone defines identity. As you mentioned, there are many philosophical schools of thought on this topic.

In regards to my own personal definition of identity, I take more of a moral responsibility and ethics approach. Morals and beliefs affects actions which I believe create your identity and sense of self. I have a strong value of personal responsibility, therefore my definition of identity greatly impacts this. For me, identity consists not only of what is outside of my control such as race, gender, where I was born, etc, yet more so of how I choose to interact and act in the world.

By staking my identity, it is putting my values, my ethics, my reputation and moral responsibility on the line. By staking ones identity, a validator becomes a moral agent with moral obligations to act in an ethical way. Agents have the ability to reflect on their situation, form intentions of how to act, and carry out ethical or unethical actions. In regards to governance, this brings up acting in a way that upholds integrity, and acting in the best interest of the majority. This can also trigger another discussion of what is ethical and ethics, however Ill save that for another time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thought provoking questions.

I look forward to hearing more opinions on this topic.


Very interesting concept, Theresa! If identity is more how we choose to interact and act in the world, how would you propose to stake it for others to verify?


Hi Henry!

Verification of identity does make a lot of sense with concrete details such as address or a notary certification being standardized processes for validators. In addition, the validators actions and interactions in the forums, correspondences between other validators/potential validators, timeliness of response and thoughtfulness of answers etc are other important ways that validators can “stake their identity” and verify that they are actively contributing and making a positive impact on the network Earning certain badges on the forum, feedback from other validators, contributing to Telegram discussions, blog posts, and events are a few ideas that can be verified. Would enjoy hearing any ideas you have as well!


Update: Notary Certification is finalized. Nevada does not have an online system. We are slightly behind in this therefore the only way to verify is calling in by phone. I am getting my paper copy mailed to me today and will post the formal papers/certification this week. I wanted to provide an update however since it in official and I’m the system.


Phone: 775-684-5708
Email: nvnotary@sos.nv.gov

**If calling calling to verify immediately hit Option 5 to bypass looonngg message and go straight to the Notary Dept. Ask to verify notification status of: Theresa Cable



Name: Theresa Cable
State: Nevada
Notary Commission Number: 1823761
Commission Expiration: April 10, 2022
Nevada Notary Public Search:

Successfully got the boot node up and running for the Sokol Network. Currently in the process of getting Linux Certified. Co-organizer for Nevada’s Government Blockchain Chapter. https://www.meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Blockchain/. Finalizing plans for Igor to hopefully be a speaker for June’s Meetup!


Hope you make it as a validator Theresa. Good luck :smiley: