I did it again... help please

Well I have since learned how to use the nifty wallet , trial and error but I hope you can help me once again … I was just staking and dropped in the wrong address , can you take a look at this transaction and see if you can recover the 15.89 Stake ?
Thanks in advance … here is the trans… happy thanks giving

Your tokens were sent from Hotbit. There is a function to claim missent tokens in the token contract, but we don’t know where to send them back. You should contact the exchange and ask them where should the tokens be sent to.

I want to send them to my nifty wallet address .
I will send

Can you send them too my nifty wallet


( Im learning , Im getting it , my next step is to try cold storage via nifty to the contract .)
Thank you in advance

Sorry, it’s not possible to send it to your Wallet. Only to the exchange’s wallet.

OK … thats cool … here is the exchange address :

On a side note found honey swap , love the platform great take on the uni … fees are fantastic if you can get the gui a little more user friendly and token liquidly . I could see this being a huge fantastic need in the space !

Please DM me a proof that the exchange sent you this address for the refund.

This is from exchange in my account showing you the trans / please resend back to my stake address thanks

Sorry, it doesn’t work like this. Please let the exchange to get in touch with us via or send an email from their support where they confirm the deposit address

Ok , will do . The coins are mine , I will jump thru your hoops , we live in a glass house and you can see the coins are mine , where I got them , where I sent them ect …
I understand .
Let me get with this decentralized exchange I’m sure it will be a easy process .