I did not account for my upload due to incorrect format.

My Metamask Wallet: “0x23a69A5e63CaA6fAF688bB73ABA8176952575426” (xDai Chain Network) I wanted to deposit 1.75518926856 STAKE in my assets with the ERC20 that I specified in the attachment in “0x348e581B92885Ff2E1cD159C978” But that was not possible.
Transaction Hash: 0x95d14aa66f7de7cb8f3db2aa575b269f57b45fc45550f0ff17e3678fceddff30
From: “0x23a69a5e63caa6faf688bb73aba8176952575426”
Interacted With (To): “0xb7d311e2eb55f2f68a9440da38e7989210b9a05”
Tokens Transferred:
From: “0x23a69A5e63CaA6fAF688bB73ABA8176952575426”
To : “0x348e581B92885Ff2E1cD6D90d5Ec9C78D5619F19”
For : “1.75518926856 STAKE” account : 4516185
The transfer from my Metamask wallet has been done, but the transfer to my account has not been made. Please help me urgently.

If you sent the tokens directly from the xDai chain to Gate CEX then you need to contact their support, only they can help you.