I have send MATIC from Matic Network to Binance ETH Wallet

Can you help me please, I have send my Polygon from Matic Network to Binance ETH, I know it wasn’t smart but I would like to receive my Polygons. I have send request on Binance but has been rejected: This transaction can not be find on Blockchain. Can you help me to fill properly request:
I have find transaction on Matic Mainnet explorer.
Example: Transaction sample
TxID/TxHash: 0x271ec5b3b7ff78cfbbe33d1cf37a8bf2143ad9e290b754c844c47e8fceb56960
Deposit adress: My ETH Wallet
Is it correct?

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You should contact Polygon or Binance support. This forum is for POA and xDai.


any new about your issue ? i am in the same case

any oen help me me to

hi, any news? i have similar problem

I pulled the matic from the MXC platform which the Cocoin platform did not arrive

u can help me

في الخميس، ٢٠ مايو ٢٠٢١ ٦:٠٧ م Nicolás Pérez Inchausti via Forum <poa1@discoursemail.com> كتب:

i have same problem, How can i get my Matic on binance. when i tried to do transaction from AscendEX (Bitmax) there is no option to choose any network … so Did
please check my transaction status
But i did not get on binance
there is 159.99 Matic approx 250$ right now

Hi, I have the same problem. They tell here to contact Matic support but where can I find it!?!?

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Same problem here. Binance cannot help. Is there some other way to restore funds? What is Matic support?

did you get your money back?