I honestly dont know where my USDC is, can someone help

This is the hash of this transaction, I mistakenly sent my USDC from xdai chain to Binance USDC ERC-20 address, the transaction has been confirmed, and my USDC balance on xDAI has been deducted, but (of course) it never arrives at my Binance wallet. Can someone help me locate my USDC, and, if possible, recover it. Thank you

EDIT 1: When I look up my ERC-20 address on Blockscout I see my USDC there but I cant find any way to transfer them to a wallet. Any recommendations would be much appreciated

Is this your address? 0xffBc825EE711Bd299D5e632bCb54093108DBefFA

If yes, you have USDC bridged from ETH mainnet there. You can use: to swap it to Binance Peg USDC and then use OmniBridge to move it to BSC, from there you can send it to your Binance account.

If this: 0xffBc825EE711Bd299D5e632bCb54093108DBefFA is not your wallet address but it is your Binance USDC address, then you need to contact Binance support in order to retrieve it.