I lost my money I sent from my trust wallet to metamask a poa token to eth and I did not receive I lost the poa token I want help from you, however, the sending process was successful and I have not received it yet

[ { “action”: { “callType”: “call”, “from”: “0x60f0bd9e14250813529dc07669d28336777368c7”, “gas”: “0x0”, “input”: “0x”, “to”: “0x68213d47be3afac9d622712b28a180c49dc4bef8”, “value”: “0x85547E18ED1A55CA80” }, “result”: { “gasUsed”: “0x0”, “output”: “0x” }, “subtraces”: 0, “traceAddress”: [], “type”: “call” }]

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the POA Network: MetaMask - POA

I did what you said but no poa network balances appear

I sent it to eth address so the balance is empty what do I do

You only have one address in MetaMask across all EVM chain.

Check out these FAQs, they might be helpful for you as well: FAQs - POA

Thank you, my friend.

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