I need 100k kETH for a project

I need 100k kETH to mine BTC so that I can buy hashpower on nicehash to mine LTC reducing the block time, then using the profits to buy GPUs for ETH mainnet mining with txn fees set to 1 gwei. the more complicated the plan, the more ether I need…

Why would you need 100,000 KETH? What are you trying to test?

I am trying to use a ton of computational power to hopefuly reduce litecoin’s txn fees
by buying hash power on nicehash using mined bitcoin, the mainnet would be far too expensive, and litecoin’s block time needs to be around 2 minutes, for convenience reasons

I am trying to see if I can make a contract that can call other contracts and make a sort contract pyramid that mines btc and can bypass the blocklimet, thus the mined btc mentioned previosly

if the network is suposed to be purely for testing I can try on ropsten, but it will need a lot more ether due to proof-of-work fluctuations