I need help with this erc20 simple token, can it bridged to POA or Xdai?

i need help with this erc20 simple token, can it bridged to POA or Xdai?

You can use the OmniBridge for this: OmniBridge (for all other ERC20 tokens) - xDai STAKE

but my source code no have “bridged thinks” its a simple erc-20 token

USDT, USDC and others also have no special handlers to be bridged. But they are being bridged every day.

it say error!
Impossible to perform the operation. Reload the application and try again.

Are you using the WalletConnect provider?

im using metamask wallet

Do you see any errors in the browser console (press F12 to get there)?

So, the scenario is the following (I see that you already approved the transfer):

  1. You add a custom token by address
  2. Enter the value you would like to transfer
  3. Press the “Transfer” button
  4. Receive the error message.

Is this correct?

yes its correct , i add contract address in search bar omnibridge, get unlocked, and when go to transfer contract say error, another thing, there isnt contract in Xdai named zoe, i need create it ?

You don’t need to create the contract on the xDai side. I already stated above that it will be created automatically.

I have sent the report to the OB UI developer. Let’s wait for his answer.

and another thing my contracts are using solidity 0.8.1 for no compilers bugs, xdai is compatible with that??

Please note that a generic erc677-based token will be deployed by the fabric on the xDai side. It is definitely not exactly the same as the token on the Ethereum side.

I am having the same problem receiving the same error message.

@Monstrosity1 @Guard_Colombia please reload the application (and reset the cache) and try one more time. If the issue appears check the logs again.

I cleared cache and restart everything… slightly different error about cannot estimate gas

Which token and which amount are you trying to send? Is it possible for you to share the account currently set in MetaMask? Which network is chosen there? btw mainnet is in the top right corner of the OB UI, right?

I need this info to try simulate the transaction in Tenderly in order to understand the reason why the transaction could be reverted.

Does the window like this appear before you see the error “Impossible to perform the operation”