I sent USDC to Binance and it never arrived please HELP

Here’s the transac:
and I contacted Binance support and they said they cannot help me cause xDai is not supported by them
You guys are my last hope, please help me to retrieve my money back I’m brazilian and dolar is like 5-6x my coin it means alot to me

You send USDC directly from xDai to Binance without using the bridge first. Only Binance can help you here, only they can access the coins.

They said they cant help cause they dont suport xDai chain yet so they dont have access to it according to their support team but if someday they come to support xDai ill be able to retrieve my funds. Is there an ETA for such a day? Ill keep an eye on their announcement channel every single day from now on

I am not aware of any ETA for this.