ICO Wizard bulk whitelist option via Excel or CSV

Hi All,
I am playing with ICO wizard and it is super cool!!!. But it does need one of the essential options “Bulk whitelist” via Excel or flat file or CSV input. So that it would be super useful for the users who does whitelist and cap.

Here, My requirement is, I have to put the tiers for the whitelist ETH addresses, But It works fantastic if you add the eth addresses manually. If it is tens or hundred, we can do manually, But when I want to do a bulk whitelist for the 10000 Eth addresses, if would be a pain. Please help me out if you guys have any workaround or it was fixed already!

Thanks a ton.


this would have to be done with some sort of script, maybe python. One that can use web3 to submit transactions to the network and can loop through the addresses and submit the max amount per transaction at a time. This is one possibility.

Hi there, came here for the same issue. So good to know we can use python web3 to add the whitelisted addresses. I am new to ETH ICO. if you could shed some light on where to we add those whitelisted eth addresses, that would be awesome.

I am not sure, if we add to addresses to contracts that are already executed OR we add it int he sole files. I looked up the SOL files and didn’t find any contract addresses. Any help would be great.


You need to deploy your crowdsale first with Token Wizard with enabled white list flag. After deployment process, you will get files with crowdsale summary including addresses of all contracts. Contracts Interface for whitelist addition is described here. This is all you need to setup your script. Try it on testnet first.