ICO Wizard Down

Hi, the ICO wizard seems to be down. When I try to create a 2nd tier for the contract it will not allow me to type anything into the fields. Also, when I try to publish the information it say “something went wrong while displaying webpage”.

What browser are you using and did you try clearing cache and cookies, restarting browser and trying again? I just did a test run and was working fine for me.

Please provide a log from Chrome developer console
And parameters of your ICO

@cgrd some changes were reverted: https://github.com/oraclesorg/ico-wizard/pull/365. Multiple tiers should work now. Clear your browser cache, if it won’t work. Thank you for posting it!

I had anti malware on my computer that was blocking it. I was able to create the smart contract. Is the wizard down for maintenance right now? The link to our crowdsale page is not working.

could you please send an error from your anti-malware?

I disabled the anti malware. There are no problems with that. I’m just having an issue viewing my crowdale page now. Also, Can you tell me what happens if we do not reach the cap in the smart contract? Will ETH be returned to investors or will we still receive the ETH and just have a failed crowdsale?

ETH will not be returned to investors. Tokens are created only after each individual contribution. This type of token is called Mintable token.

Ok, Thanks! One more question! After the ICO is over will I have to use parity or mist to interact with the contract so that participants receive their tokens?

After crowdsale end you have to finalize it https://github.com/oraclesorg/ico-wizard/wiki/Finalize-crowdsale
Tokens will be unlocked after that

Thank you! This is an awesome program! Great job!

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Hi Igor, can you help diagnose why contributors are having problems sending transactions to the smart contract address?0x164094e5c47ee28583f2fe9c10b2153a167e567a

What was minimum contribution?
Was whitelisting enabled?

Whitelisting was not enabled, and the minimum was 1.

Is the ico wizard currently offiline? because when I try to open the wizard the website is clear.

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Crowdsale contract for ICO Wizard doesn’t accept direct sending ether to contract. I see that your contributors are trying to do this https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0b65c8b684f0a5bcf168d521b46d3943907d711301e932d83dda472636179ee8.
They should send transaction with definite method signature. Please, check invest page of ICO Wizard. There is some info how to send:

Here you can invest in the crowdsale campaign. At the moment, you need Metamask client to invest into the crowdsale. If you don’t have Metamask, you can send ethers to the crowdsale address with a MethodID: 0xa6f2ae3a.

Which link are you trying to open?

HI Viktor,

I used this link by using the chrome explorer : https://wizard.oracles.org/

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Please attach screenshots
This is what I see:

We investigated the problem. It was a scenario with blank screen when Metamask was not installed

It is fixed by this PR

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