ICO Wizard Whitelisting

I’m having problems adding wallet addresses to the participant whitelist after the crowdsale has started.
The crowdsale is set up with 4 tiers, each initialised with a blank participant whitelist.

Following the instructions on the wiki on how to add participants to the whitelist does not work, the wallet addresses get added but they are unable to buy tokens as the transaction fails.

The strange thing is, the instructions only work on the final tier of the crowdsale, the previous tiers will not accept any purchases from any wallets, but the last tier will accept those wallets that are added to its whitelist.

I did the exact same steps for all the tiers, but only the last tier works.

Anyone have any idea why?

Please create an issue here https://github.com/poanetwork/ico-wizard/issues
and provide as much information as you can

@viktorbaranov do you have any ideas?

Are the participants using the Wizard to contribute or an erc20 wallet? If an erc20 wallet, are they using the required MethodID with their transactions?

@hashguide I updated the wiki during the work under the issue above: https://github.com/poanetwork/ico-wizard/wiki/Add-address-to-white-list/_compare/8df18d5ebd01b066d1d53635e18f1ea687d11c0a...3a14b9b8e9fa1dc406434f205ab28ada5aac4977

As the whitelist uses inherited strategy, if a user adds it manually, he/she should add the same participant to the next tiers too.

How to add whitelist address?

To add address to a whitelist using Token Wizard, study, then follow these instructions:

Also read messages above. You should be good to go!