Increase daily limit for Dai deposits from the Mainnet to the xDai

Hi xDai bridge validators,

Due to growing popularity of the xDai bridge, we are proposing to increase the daily limit of funds that can be depositted to the bridge from the Ethereum Mainnet to the xDai chain. The current limit is 100’000 Dai, the new suggested value is 10’000’000 Dai.

Usually the change of the limit in one direction is required two transaction: one on the Mainnet side and another is on the xDai side. Since we have high demand to transfer Dai at this moment (more than 140’000 Dai were sent to the bridge and 40’000 of them is above the currect limit) and bearing in the mind that most of deposits are being made through ordinary transfer method, we suggest to change the value on the xDai side only so far. The corresponding changes for the Ethereum Mainnet will be proposed for execution later – as so everyone can choose a proper time for confirmation of the changes with the lower gas fees.

If you agree to change the limit for deposits on the xDai side to 10’000’000 Dai please perform the following:

  1. Import your xDai bridge validator private key to the MetaMask or NiftyWallet.
  2. Visit the multisig wallet contract in the BlockScout.
  3. Enter to the field next to the method confirmTransaction the transaction ID 4.
  4. Press the “Write” button.
  5. In the MM/NW section change the gas to 500’000 and confirm the transaction.

If you have any question or issues appeared during the described steps, write a note below this forum post. As soon as you send a transaction with confirmation, reply to this message.


@geleeroyale/@GriffGreen, @mgarcia/@ArseniiPetrovich and @mariano.conti/@savdao please take into consideration.


+1 for this. We recently moved to xDai and already have users complaining about their Dai disappearing (it’s stuck in the bridge).

It’s a horrible user experience, and I imagine something that will happen more and more as apps move over in the coming weeks.

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@elpizoch thanks for feedback. Are your users still complaining about funds stuck on the bridge? You can check the status of the bridge monitoring app ( where balanceDiff reports about funds which still are not transferred by the bridge. And this JSON will provide more details which users transactions are not handled yet: Please note that there is one tx in these reports – it is very old, happened before the bridge migrated to DAI/MCD.

Seems like most people’s balances have transferred over now. We’ll keep you updated though.

@akolotov where do we see how much of the bridge’s limit has been used?

Good to hear!

You can get this information from the bridge contract:

This is the limit configured currently for the Dai-xDai direction:

And here is how it is used for the current day:

The current day can be received here:

Sounds great will sign ASAP, in the next couple hours

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The minimum to bridge back to mainnet is set to 1. Anyone with an increment of btc, yfi, or any coin with substantial value are, essentially, stuck on xDai if they do not have a whole coin to bridge back. Can I propose that value be set in a dollar amount rather than a token amount? Is that possible? I figured this out when I sent .2 wbtc over and can not send it back now without bridging over another .8

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