Increase number of participants in the xDai bridge management multsigs

Over the last moth we have observed a growth of popularity of the xDai chain which is increasing the volume of DAI tokens in the xDai bridge. With this increase we believe the management of the xDai bridge should be delegated to the wider set of participants rather than 4 projects (POA Network, Giveth, Protofire, MakerDAO) with the consequent change of the signatures threshold.

We propose:

  1. Migrate from the Gnosis multisig wallet contract to the Gnosis Safe in both Ethereum Mainnet and xDai chain. This action will simplify the management of the xDai bridge since allows offchain operations.

  2. Extend number of delegators in the Gnosis Safe to have 9 participants.

  3. Change the signatures threshold to 5 - 5 of 9 Gnosis Safe participants should provide their agreement with the management operations proposed in the future.

Referrence information:

The current set of the management operations includes the following:

  • upgrade of the bridge contracts
  • extending of the bridge validators set
  • updates of the bridge parameters like number of block confirmations, the transactions limits, the bridge fees etc.

We (Gnosis) are happy to support this proposal and become one of the signers. Please use this address as an owner: 0xD2b3D480Db9Fb08Ea55c349C0299b81892F31544.




lets go

repping MetaCartel Ventures


Heavily in favour of this proposal, would be happy be become one of the signers. 0x98F32171D88F9511b397809534eE42ACFCe4F640


Raid Guild would be happy to be a signer 0xd26a3F686D43f2A62BA9eaE2ff77e9f516d945B9


Hello, POA team! Awesome idea :slight_smile:
Protofire supports this upgrade. Our address for the multisig wallet would be 0x80BA18503a1Fa16Ea22F3ef1Af23e2994EaC1d97.


lab10 collective would also like to support that effort.
bridge validator address: 0x10dd75875a2a8a284529ae7223b1ace410d606bd


austingriffith.eth is in! 0x34aA3F359A9D614239015126635CE7732c18fDF3


Anyblock Analytics is currently only xDAI validator, but would be willing to help with bridge validation as well if needed?
Then we’d obviously also happy to participate in the multisig, with 0x3615Fa045f00ae0eD60Dc0141911757c2AdC5E03.
Cheers from Germany, Freddy

… I’m in

griff.eth = 0x839395e20bbb182fa440d08f850e6c7a8f6f0780


Key of xDai team 0x81f202D0E73894dA6966BF5AabC85d6Ce3aC91f8


@d10r, @StefanGeorge, @pet3rpan_notfake, @AdmREQ, @oovg, @ArseniiPetrovich/@mgarcia, @austintgriffith, @Freddy_Zwanzger, @GriffGreen

Thanks to all! We have gathered the first representatives of the xDai community and created the Gnosis Safe: 0x42F38ec5A75acCEc50054671233dfAC9C0E7A3F6.

Before we will make the proposal for the current xDai bridge multisig wallet owners to change the governance account, we ask you to confirm that the key you mentioned above is owned by you by signing the first transaction in the Gnosis Safe.

  1. Open the Gnosis Safe by the link:

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Find the transaction that is awaiting for confirmation. Please double check this transaction is with the nonce 11.

  4. Confirm the transaction but NOT EXECUTE it. The confirmation does not require any transaction to Ethereum Mainnet from your side – the safe will generate the message that you need to sign with the private key from your wallet. One more time – do not execute the transaction but only confirm – this will allow other participants to provide their confirmations and we get the final understanding of the xDai community representatives.

We hope that all 11 participants will do this simple action till 9:00 pm UTC, 25th of September. Those who will not sign the transfer will be removed from the Safe and we will operate further with lesser amount of people.

If you have any questions or issues please let us know in this forum thread.



Signed :+1: - 0x98F32171D88F9511b397809534eE42ACFCe4F640


Awaiting orders

You will have to excuse me @akolotov but I did execute the transaction with 0xD2b3D480Db9Fb08Ea55c349C0299b81892F31544 even though you stated clearly not the execute

I apologise for this

Indee, TX with nonce 11 has been executed. There is another TX with nonce 12 awaiting for confirmation. Shall we sign that one @akolotov?

@d10r, @StefanGeorge, @pet3rpan_notfake, @AdmREQ, @oovg, @ArseniiPetrovich/@mgarcia, @austintgriffith, @Freddy_Zwanzger, @GriffGreen

Since the previous transaction was accidentally executed, could you please sign the confirmation for another one – with the nonce 12. Just sign, not execute! The deadline is still 9:00 pm UTC, 25th of September.


Protofire team has signed.
Address: 0x80BA18503a1Fa16Ea22F3ef1Af23e2994EaC1d97

Signed for Anyblock on behalf of @Freddy_Zwanzger

Signed on behalf of Giveth :smiley:
NOTE!! It is very hard not to execute the tx, the rest of the signers better be on their toes :wink: