Increase of the fallback gas price in the xDai bridge contract on the Ethereum Mainnet

Hi xDai bridge governance participants!

This is our first action in the role of the bridge governors, congrats!

Historically the bridge contracts keep the gas price fallback value. The contract on the Ethereum Mainnet stores one value and the contract on the xDai chain stores another. The intent of these parameters is to be used for transactions produced by the bridge oracles when the gas price oracle is not available. The value configured on the Ethereum Mainnet is 18 Gwei. This fallback gas price was assigned just after the bridge contract deployment. In the current situation with high gas prices, it is obvious, that 18 Gwei is not enough for successful and timely verification of the bridge transactions. This proposal is to increase the value of this parameter in the bridge contract on the Ethereum Mainnet to 100 gwei.

If you agree with this proposal, please perform the following:

  1. Visit the xDai bridge governance Gnosis Safe:

  2. Connect to the Safe with the key that corresponds to the address you specified on the call to register in the governance account.

  3. Choose the transaction with ID 15.

  4. Check that the data of this transaction corresponds to the method setGasPrice(100000000000) and the the contract that will execute this method is the bridge contract 0x4aa42145Aa6Ebf72e164C9bBC74fbD3788045016.

  5. Confirm (or confirm and execute) the transaction.

If you have any question or issues appeared during the described steps, write a note below this forum post. As soon as you send a transaction with confirmation, reply to this message.


In order to verify correctness of the ABI-encoded method call represented in the data field of the transaction, take the ABI of the call:


By using the service, make sure that the call setGasPrice(100000000000) matches with the sequence 0xbf1fe420000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000174876e800 set in the transaction.

Existence of the method setGasPrice in the bridge contract could be checked on Etherscan:

Protofire has approved the TX with its wallet: 0x80BA18503a1Fa16Ea22F3ef1Af23e2994EaC1d97

@d10r, @StefanGeorge, @pet3rpan_notfake, @AdmREQ, @oovg, @austintgriffith, @Freddy_Zwanzger, @GriffGreen please consider the proposal and confirm the transaction in the the xDai bridge governance Gnosis Safe.

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Anyblock confirmed the transaction.


The fall gas price parameter was successfully changed:

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