Increase the min per tx limit for xDai withdrawals from the xDai to the Mainnet

Hi xDai bridge validators,

We discovered that the current minimal amount of xDai that can be withdrawn from the xDai chain is too small now (0.005 xDai). One could create dozens of withdrawal requests to transfer 0.01 xDai by each and this will dry out the xDai bridge oracles accounts on the Ethereum Mainnet. The new suggested value is 10 xDai. This value is still less than the withdrawal request execution on the Ethereum Mainnet which is 13 USD (for the gas price 276 Gwei) but it will increase a bit the cost for the attacker. At the same time this value should be considered as a tradeoff for the users that operates with small values during their bridge operations.

If you agree to change the minimal amount of xDai that can be withdrawn in one transaction please perform the following:

  1. Import your xDai bridge validator private key to the MetaMask or NiftyWallet.
  2. Visit the multisig wallet contract in the BlockScout.
  3. Enter to the field next to the method confirmTransaction the transaction ID 5.
  4. Press the “Write” button.
  5. In the MM/NW section change the gas to 500’000 and confirm the transaction.

If you have any question or issues appeared during the described steps, write a note below this forum post. As soon as you send a transaction with confirmation, reply to this message.


@geleeroyale/@GriffGreen, @mgarcia/@ArseniiPetrovich and @mariano.conti/@savdao please take into consideration.

Hey @akolotov to make these faster for me can you post the tx that you made and a how we can recreate it so we can verify it does what you say it does :-D?

Its sort of scary accepting blind, so I dig thru the txs and find it and double-check that it aligns with what you are saying…

So you made this tx from the multisig

Which calls


Which is a proxy contract and LUCKILY Blockscout is fucking awesome and it has a “Write as Proxy” option :smiley:

I went thru and it looks like the same tx data :smiley:

So I signed!

@GriffGreen thanks for suggestion! Will do this next time!


@GriffGreen @mgarcia thanks for you support!