Interoperability between Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric

Hi, any advice on how to bridge these two networks for a simple smart contract for a POC, proof of concept? Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Great idea to have more networks interoperable.
We don’t have an adapter for the Hyperledger Fabric.
Which use case do you have in mind for such bridge?

There are two companies with experience is developing custom solutions with the TokenBridge:

Hi @dmccurdy,
I am the CTO at ( blockchain unit). We have experience in both, Ethereum based interoperability technology such as the POA Networks Token Bridge (where we are core developers) as well as with Hyperledger Fabric (

Please feel free to send me an email with your requirements. I’d be glad to jump into a call to discuss them further. (

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Hi Igor thank you for this. I’ve emailed Manual separately. Thank you for the connection.

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