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Hello Everyone:

I’m new to the crypto space, I just signed up to this group about half an hour ago, and my username is GrandMaMaKathy. I am thinking to launch my own tokens and found someone, who mentioned he has six kids and a wife, talked about ‘Token Wizard’ in his YouTube video that’s why I’m here, hoping to find out more about ‘Token Wizard’. Surprisingly, I also found someone who has a similar name, both first and last, to one of my primary school friends.

Anyway, nice to meet you all and look forward to learning some tips & tricks from you all.


I suggest to also checkout:

@hashguide check it out :slight_smile:

Hello Kathy,
I am Stephen Arsenault who has the 6 kids on youtube, where did you attend high school?


Can I use it for airdrop as well?

Nice to meet you again, I remember your username ‘hashguide’ from YouTube. Is there any more tip for a newbie like me? In your personal opinion is it better to do token or to do coin? Which one is easier to manage?

I don’t think a coin/token difference really matters, it’s what the product that it represents you should be looking into and what problem in the world it will be trying to solve. For instance, POA is trying to solve Ethereum’s scalability issues by connecting multiple side-chains together using smart contracts and and on-chain governance to make it more decentralized and not relying on a single person to make decisions.

POA is a great project to look into and will always be improving their work and the team is great, very smart, helpful and are not more interested in the money it may make them. They also have working products and main/test networks to be used unlike allot of Ethereum scalability projects out there as of now.

If you would like to know more about POA, you can search this forum and check out their wiki and Medium posts.

POA Network GitHub Wiki
POA on Medium
POA on Twitter

You could also sign up to receive POA’s newsletter biweekly by visiting the home page.
POA Official Website

For more in depth information, you can read the whitepaper from POA. I promise it is not useless information describing bitcoin and decentralized networks like a majority out there.
POA’s Whitepaper

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