Introducing $50,000 DAI POA Games Fund


POA Network would like to introduce to the community its latest initiative. The POA Games Fund, a $50,000 Dai fund which will be distributed to various games and DApps that meet our criteria.

When we launched POA Core mainnet in December 2017, we launched an irresistible scalability solution for Ethereum DApps and developers with 5 second block times, 60 transactions per seconds and a fixed gas price of 1 Gwei.

POA is also supported by over10 wallets, including Portis, which allows seemless interaction with POA Dapps.

POA tokens are liquid and available on various exchanges and marketplaces, including Binance, and as such there exists no barriers of entry from a crypto user point of view.

All of this was to solve Ethereum 1.0’s scalability issues and allow DApp and games built on Ethereum technology to run as its creators have intended. Since we launched POA Core, we have had various great DApps utilize the speed and transactions of the network. These include Bancor’s project in Kenya and the addictive and great DopeRaider.

With POA Games Fund, we are sharing our high performance blockchain with our community, and providing funding, grants and a platform to build DApps and games on. Developers would appreciate our high transaction speed, low development fee, and user-friendly interface. In return, this would also boost our POA ecosystem.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for high performance games or DApps that are ready to utilize POA Core. Bonus points for beautiful UX and unique gameplay and concept.

We have provided a short and simple google form that you can use to submit your game. We will look through all entries and judge them internally before reaching out to each submission. The fund will run through for the next three months.

Send your entry below! We can’t wait to see what you submit! :video_game: :video_game: :video_game:

First round of POA Core emission funds discussion, February 2019
First round of POA Core emission funds discussion, February 2019

Great update, thanks for sharing @Ziggy


Hi, how about non-game use case? We are planing to put top sports event tickets on xDai.


Sounds good. We can discuss it separately. This fund is only for games and for POA Core.


Is there an email confirmation after filling the form? It’s telling me I have submitted it, but I may have filled the email field incorrectly. Thanks!


Yup, submission received! Ill reply to you message today too!