Irvin Cardenas, Ohio - Notary Pending

Dear POA Network friends,

I am excited to introduce myself - my name is Irvin Cardenas and I am an academic researcher in the areas of blockchain, robotics, AI and immersive technologies. I was recently at the Consensus Conference and met POA tech lead Igor and validator Lillian. I love what POA is doing and I would love to contribute as a validator and more.

Overall, I find POA Network to be one of the most interesting blockchain projects because of team, the tech and its implication on the interoperability of private and public chains, as well as its applicability to real-world use cases that require an identity-based consensus model (what I call “techno-social trust”).

Formally speaking, I have been officially involved in the crypto space since 2011, and in 2012 I co-founded my first blockchain startup called Decentral Bank which had an exciting run until early 2015. Throughout my years involved in the space, I have advised on many green projects that explore the areas of privacy, scalability and integration of cyber-physical systems into distributed ledgers. During my free time, I also take part in various panel discussions regarding smart contracting technologies and enterprise blockchain use cases.

Academically, as it relates to blockchain, my research interests lie on identity frameworks that leverage blockchain(s), social-tech frameworks for dealing with smart contracts, scalable consensus protocols, and interoperability of chains. As it relates to robotics, my research interests lie in the areas of immersive telepresence via affordable humanoid robots, metareasoning and also on the application of blockchain tech (i.e. ledgers and smart contracts) in robotics to improve transparency and trust between agents and humans. From a social standpoint, I’m interested in addressing the questions of inclusion, collaboration and peer production of information products (currently writing research papers on this). You can view one of my latest academic publications via the link at the end.

My industry experience includes working as a researcher at NASA on autonomous aerial vehicles and human factors. As well as working at Goldman Sachs on distributed systems, big data and exploring blockchain technology. During my time at Goldman Sachs I contributed to various initiatives, media releases (e.g. The New Technology of Trust - link below), was a member of the R3 Consortium and also served as a mentor at the NYC FinTech Innovation Lab - mentoring startups like AlphaPoint.

During my free time, I’m an avid hacker and have won various hackathons including the 2018 Consensus Hackathon (link below), the NYC FinTech Hackathon and other accolades at TechCrunch Disrupt.

I’m also a co-founder at Cointegra, which is establishing data and collaboration protocols to allow decentralized, peer-production, of information products. We recently tested a small peer-to-peer storage network at Kent State University that used mobile devices as hosts, and are looking forward to releasing some publications on our research.

Thank you for taking the time to read my intro and I look forward to being part of this community and to pushing POA forward!!

Notary pending : Ohio

Some reference links :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Irvin,
welcome to the forum!
I’ve added your application to the table here POA Validators & Candidates Guide

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Thank you Igor! It was great to meet you a few weeks back.

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Hey, love robotics myself. The overlap between robotics and Blockchain seems so ripe for innovation; however, the progress in this area is going so slowly. Why do you suppose this is the case? Even the lowest hanging fruits: supply chain and M2M communication seem rather stalled of late.


One of the company in intersection of blockchain and robotics I’m following is Helios

Take a look if you have 20mins to read


Welcome Irvin! :hugs: It was lovely to meet you at the Coindesk Consensus conference! You have such an impressive resume and experience. I’m excited to see what you can do with blockchain technology and robotics in the future.

A very warm welcome to POA Irvin! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need anything!

Welcome. Can’t wait to learn more about your insights into these two fields.

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