Is free to use?

Can I just point my dapp to endpoint and use it?


Kovan is a Test Network designed for developers to deploy and test DApps once local testing has been completed and before deployment to a MainNet like POA Core Network, xDai, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc. You will need a bit of Kovan Coin (KETH) to deploy to and interact on the Kovan TestNet. KETH is test Ethereum for the Kovan Network, required to pay for Network Transaction (Gas) fees just as ETH is used on the Ethereum Network.

Technically not free, Kovan is a Public TestNet and available for anyone with KETH to pay the Network Transaction fees. If you have some KETH (transaction fees are quite low so not much is necessary) you are ready to begin. What sort of DApp are you building? Would you share a link, please?

Thank you for your reply. We are testing our game called 2121. 2121 is a dApp that uses ethereum and IPFS, build on top of our open source framework.

We launched 2121 yesterday, the smart contract of the game 0xBF1897443EbE557b307aB6ae1143Ea4149e235Aa is functioning well, but we maxed out our free quota on infura.

Now we are synchronizing our node, but will take some time before it’s ready, so we would like to use if possible.

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yes, it’s free to use and not metered. Happy testing.

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