Is it possible add POA network at Cobo Wallet?

Hey i just want to ask if POA Network listed at Cobo Wallet?
Since i using it also and i can play DApps easily there
And by adding POA network there POA will be get some member that are knowing POA network

This is just Suggestion, if it really got listed i will be very happy sir

Do you know anyone from Cobo wallet ?

No, but on discord server some people using cobo cause some DApps on the other app doesnt support it
And cobo have more good DApps browser so i think it will be good if POA is in there cause i use Cobo Wallet also
Or you asking for the team member from cobo? If yes i didnt know but you can chat with them on their official telegram

Nice. Can you chat with them about it?

Ummm idk i dont have telegram sir but maybe you can chat with them, i just know they have Official telegram channel but if you want me i will try it

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Cool, please try to contact them.