Is it possible to distribute tokens before finalizaiton?

Wondering if there is a way to send out tokens without having to pay ether before finalization of contract. The distribute tokens help page seems to imply that if you have reserved tokens you can distribute them before finalization of crowdsale but I dont see that option when i am at my contract management page. Im looking to have access to tokens so I can distribute for things like bounties, promotion, and to prepay for an exchange listing. Is there any way to do this with an active crowdsale?

Yes, reserved tokens will be distributed without paying ether. But all tokens (including reserved) will be unlocked only after crowdsale finalization.
Reserved tokens can be configured only during crowdsale deployment.
So, there is no way to get unlocked tokens before crowdsale finalization. You can sign a contract with eSignature for bounties, promotion etc, promising to distribute tokens after crowdsale finalization.