Is there any API documentation for the Token Bridge?

There’s a lack of documentation on how I can integrate the bridge into my apps. I’ve been trying to piece things together by reading the source of the Bridge UI and Burner Wallet. Is there a simple API documentation somewhere? Oddly, there is much more information on the theory and deployment of the bridge than on how to use it.

What apps do you have that you would like to integrate with a bridge? Burner Wallet and the Bridge UI are excellent and completely separate projects.

We don’t have documentation how to integrate bridge into the app.
We actually didn’t think that people will use it this way.

The instruction how to use bridge without UI should give you some ideas

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Thanks for the quick response! We are building a feature that will let our devices convert Ether to xDai automatically. This is because it is much easier for people to buy Ether than xDai.

Looks like your link should help. I suspected that it was this easy but maybe I did something else wrong because my tokens weren’t transferring. Now that I know that there are no other contract calls or anything besides sending the coins, I can figure it out.

I guess you guys don’t even think of it as an “API” because it’s so easy :grinning:

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It sounds like you are creating an exchange. Not sure what jurisdiction your service will reside. Good luck!

If it’s an exchange, then the Token Bridge UI is also an exchange