Issue with lots of decimals

Hello, sometimes using token’s smartcontratcs you end up with a lot of decimals. Then Nifty becomes all white when it tries to show the balance. If at the first opening of Nifty, I turn off internet, then it doesn’t present the bug because it can’t see those decimals searching in the blockchain.

If you import the seed in another computer or connect the hardware wallet, the same bug apears in the new computer.

You can see which is the problematic token re-installing Nifty and adding tokens one by one until the bug appears.

It is the second time it happens to me, using RSK network and different tokens. Meanwhile your problematic token funds are locked because you can’t move it

example of problematic token

Created an issue based on your comments Issue with lots of decimals · Issue #463 · poanetwork/nifty-wallet · GitHub

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