Issue with Omnibridge when swapping from xDai to ETH mainnet


I recently tried to do a swap of a ERC-721 token from xDai to ETH mainnet. I was able to execute the required transaction on the xDai chain but I had to cancel the Ethereum transaction as fees were too hight at that time.

Now, when I try to claim the token to complete the swap, I get the following message:

Also, if I click on the sending tx, I arrive to this page but it just stays forever as the screenshot below:

What can I do now to complete (or revert) the swap?

Thank you.

I have the same issue… Did you get a support or solution to this?

Not yet, I’m still unable to claim the token

same issue. please help us our coin are stuck

Are you still stuck swapping ERC-721 token from xDai to ETH mainnet?