Issues connecting to POA Core with Metamask today

Hi so this starts as I was having issues this morning trying to check my POA deposits in POA Mania. I had the POA core network already going without issue from before of course but this morning things did not want to load properly & couldn’t connect to poamania and/or poa core network from my firefox metamask wallet. So I deleted the custom RPC network for POA, reset metamask & then tried re-adding the POA Core network again. But unfortunately now when i try to add it I get “Could not fetch chain ID. Is your RPC URL correct?” I have entered the same info as before as outlined here , so i am a bit lost now why it’s not wanting to connect. I did also try just 99 for the chainid & that did not work as well.

Here is a screenshot of what I am seeing

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 5.42.58 PM

I didn’t screw myself when I reset metamask which clears the transactions did I? I can still see all my deposits into the “AdminUpgradeabilityProxy” address for POAMania from all my accounts & I do still have the private keys for all the different accounts I used.

I am only having issues with this with metamask it seems. I still have a deposit on poa mania through trust wallet & that is working fine can deposit & withdraw no problem there. Tried to connect to poa network from this same seed meta mask wallet on chrome, and my Ipad & things weren’t connecting there either unfortunately.

any insight & help on this would be greatly appreciated. I’m hoping it is just a temporary issue with metamask & I’ll be able to access the poa once i can get connected to the poa core network properly again. Thank you in advance for any help with this.

Alright so after some sleep I realized i can just import my private keys from metamask into trust wallet where POA core is connected properly, & I see now my funds are all safe & sound! Still not sure why i can’t connect to poa core on meta mask with the provided info though.