Istanbul activation on xDai

Dear @xdai-validators

We are going to activate Istanbul hard fork on xDai at block 7298030 (Thursday, 12-Dec-2019 07:00 UTC).

For that, we need to update both Parity (to v2.6.5) and spec.json. The spec file of xDai network is updated for the HF.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. ssh login to your node
  2. stop parity service
sudo systemctl stop poa-parity
  1. switch to home directory (NOTE: if you’re updating a bootnode, path is /home/bootnode)
cd /home/validator

output should be

  1. remove older backups
sudo rm -rf backups-version
  1. create a new backup
sudo mkdir backups-version
sudo touch backups-version/BEFORE-2.6.5
BKPFLDR="backups-version/$(date '+%Y%m%dT%H%M%S' -u)"
sudo mkdir -p "$BKPFLDR"
sudo mv parity spec.json "$BKPFLDR"
  1. switch to validator user (NOTE: if you’re updating a bootnode, username should be bootnode)
sudo -i -u validator
  1. download new parity binary
curl -LO ''
  1. check binary integrity
echo '62762f424ffcc9ea939f3e09904d64600c4966045a865cfd94f23cf967213a0d parity' | sha256sum -c

output should be

parity: OK
  1. set permission to execute the binary
chmod +x parity
  1. download new spec file
curl -LO ''
  1. check that new spec contains a transition block set to 7298030
grep 7298030 spec.json

output should be

    "eip1283ReenableTransition": 7298030,
    "eip1344Transition": 7298030,
    "eip1706Transition": 7298030,
    "eip1884Transition": 7298030,
    "eip2028Transition": 7298030,
          "7298030": {
          "7298030": {
          "7298030": {
          "7298030": {
  1. login back to sudo-enabled user
  1. restart services
sudo systemctl start poa-parity && sleep 10 && sudo systemctl restart poa-netstats
  1. check that your node is “green” in netstats (this may take a couple of minutes)
  2. wait to see if your node produces new blocks

@mariano.conti while updating parity version of the network validator, please also update your bridge oracle

Please let us know here when you have upgraded! If any questions come up, feel free to ask here.

This tracking list will make sure we are ready for Istanbul! Thanks again for your attention to the process.

Tracking comment (we will update daily after you let us know your node is upgraded)

:white_check_mark: POA Network
:white_check_mark: Syncnode S.R.L
:white_check_mark: Giveth
:white_check_mark: MakerDAO
:white_check_mark: Protofire
:white_check_mark: Burner Wallet
:white_check_mark: Portis
:black_square_button: MetaCartel
:white_check_mark:Lab10 collective
:white_check_mark:Anyblock Analytics GmbH


Giveth Validator is upgraded :test_tube:



I think a new Parity version will be required:


No, the difference between 2.6.5 and 2.6.6 is only in changed spec for Ethereum Mainnet:

So, this release is not related to POA networks and is not mandatory for Istanbul on xDai.

Even better. Thanks for clarifying this!

@xdai-validators please don’t forget to update your node and spec.json before December 12th using the above instruction.


Protofire node is updated and ready for HF! :wink:


Anyblock Analytics Updated :white_check_mark:

Awesome guide, guys!

1 Like Updated :white_check_mark:

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Updated parity version!

Will now update bridge oracle


MetaCartel (@jamesyoung @pet3rpan), Portis (@radotzki @tomteman), and BurnerWallet (@austintgriffith), please update your node and spec.json. At the moment, we have less than 22 hours left to Istanbul HF on xDai.

Istanbul was activated successfully.

MetaCartel (@jamesyoung @pet3rpan), your validator node fell out of consensus.

After you update, please check your node’s logs. If you see any errors there, follow the same procedure as above, but after step 11 before step 12 additionally run

./parity --config node.toml db kill

It will clear the blockchain database and start a resync which can take some time, so steps 14, 15 will not work immediately.

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