Jeff Flowers, Notary Public

Like many here, I learned about cryptocurrency only after first dismissing it initially. I knew exactly how hard of a problem it was trying to solve, after living through the first crypto war. Only after reading “the whitepaper” and seeing a proposed solution that was both simple and elegant did I realize that this was in fact the way forward. And away forward I’ve been ever since.

I was fortunate to be a small part of an educational startup around blockchain education (Blockchain University), both building and witnessing incredible uses cases atop this empowering utility. One of the great use cases of this technology, beyond money, is the ability for it to provide time stamping/notary services and novel forms of attestation that are just now being dreamt of. I believe Notary Coin is proof of this, and I would be thrilled to be a part of this new endeavor.

There are many questions still, not if the technology is able to support such work but rather around social and legal frameworks needing to catch up to what is now possible. It will be both exciting and scary, seeing these legacy systems adapt to the new realities of crypto. I am constantly amazed at the new technologies coming out in this field, and forcing change to better help all.

Full Name: Jefferson L. Flowers
Notary License: June 2017
State: California

Jeff Flowers (far right) and some friends :wink: after a great talk about Ethereum and the future of this incredible technology.


Welcome Jeff! It’s wonderful to see you here! You and Yvonne always brighten a room :slight_smile: I can’t wait to hear about what you 2 have been working on. Please keep us updated <3

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Sure thing. What is your community?

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Hey there. Love to know more about this as well.

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Hi Jeff,
I read your post. Your comment about blockchain technology and: 'One of the great use cases of this technology, beyond money, is the ability for it to provide time stamping/notary services and novel forms of attestation that are just now being dreamt of" really stood out to me. Recently while in the process of getting notary certified in Nevada, I stumbled upon an online service that does a virtual notary with a webcam, multiple ID verifications where you live video with a notary certified professional. The site was It was easy to use, and allowed someone to get notarization while anywhere in the world with extreme ease of use. I could see a collaboration with companies like this and blockchain technology. Its amazing the way tech and innovation expands and improves life as we currently know it.

Theresa Cable

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Who’s the fellow next to Igor?

Bitcoin Judas, aka Tim Swanson.

Tim Swanson is an advisor of POA Network. You could read an interview with him about POA here POA Network. News and updates #28

POA Network friends, it is with heavy heart that I feel the time has come for me to step aside from the important work of being a validator. I have recently returned to teaching and been given an intense workload. In addition, I have begun in earnest my work with the Decentralization Foundation (

As I started to think about these projects I am undertaking in the coming months, I realized that I would not be able to give this grand experiment the necessary time and care it deserves. I have always believed in the deep technical talents of the POA team, the overarching vision being attempted, our incredible community, and most importantly all of the people that make this project possible. When you sum all of this up, it is astonishingly incalculable - and how cool is that?

This is truly a one of a kind undertaking, and one that I am so happy to have been a small part of. I will always think highly of, and continue cheering on future wins (as I know all will be realized in time).

@jflowers The best way is to create the ballots (Core, Sokol) for yourself using your voting key and the voting dapp Why other people should do your work for you? Are you unhealthy like @elillian?

Don’t forget to create ballots for yourself for both networks.

@poa-validators please vote out Jeff Flowers when he will create ballots.

I was thinking of keeping my sokol node up, something that has been done before.

As for my reasons, I really gave this a great amount of thought. In the end, I cannot provide the proper amount of time that this project deserves. It is truly with great pains that I had to come to this realization.

As for one creating their own ballot, I thought that it would be in keeping with past practice of asking another to do this function for us. I could create the ballot myself if that would be cleaner.

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