Jim O'Regan, IA Notary Public

From my perspective as an early Open Source advocate and communications industry professional, Blockchain technology seems poised to have a larger global affect than the emerging Internet of 1994. Involvement in this space is compelling, and one of the great opportunities of our time.

The emergence of Ethereum and Smart Contracts has made blockchain approachable by the general business community to better serve consumers and lower costs. Proof of Work consensus is an excellent introductory tool, and the incredible inefficiencies of energy and computational resources become unsustainable with wide adoption. Proof of Authority (POA) is massively more efficient, less expensive and supports distributed and hyper-local systems. This led me to POA.network, its great team and strong Open Source community.

I contribute locally as Chair of Heartland State Economic Development Corporation, a non-profit 501©3 Economic Development group whose mission is to support and improve Quality of Life in small communities. Iowa is an agricultural and industrial powerhouse. The maturity of the Internet and Communications infrastructures along with forward-thinking legislation now allows companies in U.S. States like Iowa and Vermont to compete globaly in formerly unapproachable industries. Blockchain also allows global investors to build business and hire people in nontraditional locations, displacing the remaining disadvantage; funding capacity.

I am one of the first POA Community members to configure, deploy and manage a POA Bootnode, and maintain three bootnodes on the POA Core network. We maintain two Validator nodes on the Sokol (Test) POA network, so have the expertise to deploy and manage validator nodes on the POA core network, the responsibility of approved validators. I am active in the POA channels and help others to deploy and use POA software and services. I have experience working with Notary Public’s with several on staff over the years. To better serve my community and the POA.network I applied to become and was accepted as a notary public by the Iowa Secretary of State’s office - credentials and online validation links below. I pledge that all my actions will be fair and honest, and will strive to maintain and improve the POA network through advocacy of the Core and test networks and deployment of new, compatible networks that can bridge to the POA.network following established protocols.

As a 30 year business professional I have an extensive professional network, am involved in government at the local, county and State levels and can help drive adoption of and further the goals of POA.network. Through POA.network advocacy I would like to help my family, community and rest of the world. Thank you for your support!

Name: Jim O’Regan
Notary Commission Number: 808410
Commission valid through: 01/17/2021
State: Iowa
Iowa Notarial Acts legislation: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/DOCS/IowaActs/84/2/pdf/Chapter_1050.pdf
Iowa Secretary of State Validation Link: Notary Public Verification link, Iowa Secretary of State’s Office
Iowa Secretary of State Validation link image as of January 18, 2018:

Jim O’Regan (on right) with file system thought leader Gideon Glass (left) at the World Crypto Economic Forum San Francisco, CA, January 18, 2018. Photo taken by Igor Barinov, POA.network.


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