John D. Storey, Utah Notary Public

A libertarian at heart, I bought my first bitcoin in 2013… and then didn’t do anything more for a few years (kicking myself now)

I’m a professional web developer that believes in transparency and regulating power of large organizations and institutions. When I heard about smart contracts and “programable money” I became super curious. I did a few online courses, read a bunch online, and now work for ConsenSys.

Proof of work consensus algorithms have always seemed a bit… excessive to me. I know, I know, it’s a great thing for security, but I’m excited to see a proof of authority network pop up. I met Igor at the Consensus Hackathon in New York of the spring of 2017 and got my license just to be a part of this group! I think authority based consensus models will play a major role in how governments and large companies build distributed systems – so I’m excited to learn and contribute to the group!

Full Name: John D. Storey
Notary License: #695190
Commission Effective till: 06/01/2021
State: Utah


Wow! Someone from ConsenSys here! Welcome @johndangerstorey

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