John LeGassic, California Notary Public

POA Community,

I have been doing Java development for about 20 years and quite frankly burnt out on it.
Few years ago, had the sense there is a huge wave of new technologies coming, Blockchain being one, and thought I should spend some time getting to know the future before I became totally irrelevant. I took some classes on, Cryptography, Spark, AI ( machine and deep learning ) as well as started attending the Berkeley Bitcoin Meetup and the Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup (SVEM). It was at the SVEM that I saw a presentation about consensus algorithms and was introduced to Proof of Authority and POA Networks. I was a skeptic at first as I was still learning about the Blockchain ( technology, history, limitations, risks ) but the more I thought of about the history of computing, the proposed paths forward for scaling Bitcoin and Ethereum and my values as an individual ( the environment, my egalitarian ideals for example ) the more I saw Proof of Authority and POA Networks as both a novel solution to some technical limitations and daring way forward, which sparked my desire to participate.

What interests me most, setting the horizontal scaling piece aside, is that it this project humanizes the Blockchain. POA Network is a fundamentally easier to understand and lowers barrier to entry for tons of interesting important use cases. Part of the “build bridges not walls” mentality, so I see POA Network as a bridge between people and this important emerging technology. That really interests me.

John LeGassic
California Public Notary: 2222590
Expiration: November 20, 2021


I agree how POA humanizes the Blockchain, John. That’s also something that really interests me. As a fan, I’m curious how you see blockchain used in the world of professional sports? What are some of your favorite use cases? Could ESPN benefit from a decentralized streaming platform?

Great to see you back on the forum.