Jun Dam, CA - Notary In-Training

My name is Jun Dam, a San Francisco Bay Area resident for most of my life other than a handful of years in Southern California. I’m fully dedicated to helping blockchain technology become widely adopted. It’s a foundational technology for our society that empowers us, gives us freedom and elevates our prosperity.

I want to support the Oracles network because its Proof of Authority (POA) consensus system provides a good alternative and complement to Proof of Work (POW) systems and enables blockchain projects to scale more quickly. Compared to POW, POA systems should have lower costs and increased efficiency that should help minimize Ethereum’s blockchain bloat. I see a world of many interoperable blockchains and POA chains together with Cosmos and Polkadot technology should allow many types of blockchain ecosystems to flourish together. I’m excited to help the Oracles network be a strong example of how effective POA systems can be.

I’ve been following Bitcoin and crypto since mid-2012, but got active working on startup projects in mid-2014. I’m currently working on Bitcash, a simple wallet and exchange project to try to make it easier for more people to invest in cryptocurrencies. It’s currently in the proof-of-concept/early beta stage. I’m also working on educational content with 100x, an organization currently dedicated to helping educate blockchain investors (as well as developers in the near future.) I’m mostly experienced in business operations and have been working in the financial services industry for about a decade. I received my MBA from UC Irvine, my BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and am also a CFA charterholder. I’d like to help the Oracles network evolve and improve over time as well as help increase awareness. I can also help improve blockchain validator governance since I have a personal interest in legal theory and governance.

Name: Jun Dam
Location: California, United States
Notary License Number: Pending Approval
Notary License Expiration: TBD
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jun-dam-0334161/