Kaitlin Nolte, MO - Notary Pending

Hey everybody! I am Kaitlin. I am currently pursuing a notary license in Missouri. I participated in an introductory call with Melanie Marsollier to learn more about the POA network and am fascinated in this robust and growing industry. My good friend Andrew Beal has been heavily involved in blockchain technology for several years and has been a major influence in my decision to learn more about the POA network community.

I’ve spent some time familiarizing myself with the POA Network Github Wiki https://github.com/poanetwork/wiki. I’ve found that this resource is an excellent guide and will help ease the on-boarding process - even for a beginner like me.

I understand that being a validator means upholding the node continuously and performing necessary updates in a timely manner. As well as contributing to conversation in the forum, joining in peer to peer learning, and sharing experiences. Finally, a validator must be sincere, open, and remain in good standing as representation in the POA Network. I will work hard to fulfill these responsibilities at all times.

I hope to contribute to the POA Network community the best I can. I can promise integrity at all times and use my own experiences in the best interest to grow the network. I feel that Midwest, female, representation is lacking in the POA Network and believe that I’ll bring my own individual perspective that will strengthen the community.

I’m looking forward to the next steps!




Thanks for the thorough introduction. I particularly like that you are a basketball fan … sports fan in general.

In my mind, much of Blockchain technologies has some strong analogs in sports. Both share these elements

  • Competitive/adversarial
  • Randomness and statistics
  • Game theory ( strategies )
  • Synchronization/Timing

In addition, POA Network adds some human factors via the Validator role like discipline, participation, effort and performance metrics.

I think that your passion for being a data nerd demonstrates you have discipline, patience and an analytical mind. Further, you were able to help encode that knowledge into a predictive model – “It’s hard making predictions, especially about the future” - Yogi Berra :slight_smile:

So overall, very impressive background.

Curious, what you think/feel about Identity at Stake, i.e. the willingness to have your identity known/verifiable in exchange get opportunity to create/seal blocks on the network ( by hosting/maintaining a node ) and get reward for doing so?


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Hi Everyone,

I understand there has been conversation circulating about my candidacy and my decision to withdraw from pursuing a validator role within the POA Network. I would like to put all previous scenarios and accusations to rest…

I made the decision to withdraw my candidacy a few weeks ago after my Sokol ballot failed. I felt that this pursuit was a huge time commitment and one that I was struggling to uphold. I’m confident in my decision and feel there are stronger candidates to operate a node, represent the network as a whole, and offer the time this project deserves.

I also deleted my previous comments from this thread because I do not want additional personal information (work, family, etc.) available on a public forum that I am no longer involved with. I would have deleted this post entirely if I could have.

I didn’t realize I needed to formally withdraw candidacy and am doing that now to avoid additional confusion and animosity.

If you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed promptly, you can reach me at noltekm@gmail.com