Keeping the community up to date with developments

Hey, there are so many projects and companies using the POA network, from bridging to verifying data, however the community is not kept up to date with these things properly.

I think it would be beneficial for the project and token holders to be updated. For example I found this recent post on tech crunch and some other forums, but nothing on the POA network Twitter.

Interest in crypto is increasing and there are a lot more different chains available compared to before. POA has a key role to play in bridging these chains and verifying data and much more. The POA team should be putting more effort into getting noticed.

Arianee is a long-time builder on the POA Network. I am glad that they had a new use case with Breitling.

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My point is you guys need to let more people know about these developments/adoption so that it can further attract new developers. A simple step would be to be more actively sharing this kind of news on your Twitter.

A social media manager would go a long way.

I agree. If projects have POA related news to share we are always keen to share them.

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