Kevin Joy - NJ Notary Public, MBA & Blockchain Enthusiast

Hello, my name is Kevin Joy. I am an active Notary Public in New Jersey. I developed an interest in cryptocurrencies back in 2015, which grew into research as I grasped the potential of blockchains. I got into mining as a side project after I purchased a gaming rig (back when a good graphics card didn’t set you back a leg). I learned the basics of mining with garliccoin, then went on to mine Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and Bitcoin. My experience with mining has helped me feel comfortable with spinning up a bootnode for the Sokol network.

I enjoy reading crypto white papers, participate in crypto Discords, and keep current on functional developments in this space. Since 2017, I have been learning to write smart contracts in Solidity. I also take an active interest in machine learning and have been learning to use the FastAI library to apply deep learning methods to pet data science projects. I have been an observer in the POA Network Community Telegram channel, which gives a good sense of the perspective of the blockchain community and the POA Network Team.

During the day, I work as an HR Compensation Analyst for a Data Protection & Management company based in Tinton Falls, NJ, where I have been since 2013. My daily work includes analysis of sensitive workforce data, including database management & querying, creating HRIS reports and building visualizations for executive consumption. I deliver compensation recommendations to global HR business partners and present compensation strategies to senior leadership. I graduated with an MBA in Finance from Clarkson University and B.A. in International Relations from Texas A&M.

I am excited by the asset and energy savings presented by Proof of Authority vs. Proof of Work consensus mechanisms and would find it an honor to participate as a Validator. I understand from reading the wiki and talking to current validators that being a validator is a tremendous responsibility, and I look forward to doing what I can to contribute to POA Network. Thank you for your consideration.

Name: Kevin Joy
Notary Commission Number: 50077207
Commission Expiration: Feb 16, 2023
New Jersey Notary Public Search:


Thank you for your introduction, Kevin. Impressive resume! As someone with a degree in International Business and an MBA, how eager do you find mid-size to large business to adopt blockchain in their internal systems? Do you feel that businesses are moving ahead on their own, or are they taking a wait and see position for now?

Hi @1proof, thank you for your kind words! Speaking from experience at my own company, I find that SMBs in most industries are taking a slow and measured approach to blockchains; enterprises with sizable war chests are building up R&D units. Last year, “leveraging blockchains” in our company’s data management product showed up in many presentations, the same as machine learning, analytics and cloud computing did in the years before. It faded as a buzzword, at least in part because of its association with last year’s crypto-craze. Blockchain, and the risk associated with it, will be of far more interest to SMBs in the financial space that can disrupt existing hegemonies with use cases that are the easiest to understand.

Enterprises are less sensitive to market & reputation risk, and it’s the big names that are forging a path. Although big finance is still soul-searching, Maersk’s 2017 example - tracking its shipping containers using blockchain - has found its way into other supply chain handlers, aircraft & car manufacturers, and even into retail. Since there’s still a scarcity of blockchain developers, the tech companies that are spearheading consortia like Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3 etc., are predictably going to work with other established players to develop scalable use cases.


Hi Kevin, welcome to the POA community! Is your bootnode spun up or do you need help setting it up? Let us know how we can help.

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Hi Kevin, thanks for the extensive answer. Looking forward to discussing emerging use cases with you, particularly where POA Network can help industry better server its customers.

Great post Kevin,

It will take time to adopt, but there are so many use cases for SMBs that would help them to save time and money.

Many different industries would be changed, but even if we think of any particular industry or even particular business, many departments within that business would benefit from the use of blockchain:

Payment terms with customers and partners, payroll, inventory management, loans and crowdfunding for expanding, purchasing with auto approvals based on smart contracts, insurance policies, legal, HR with proof of identity, and many other use cases.

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Hi Peter, and thank you! I have a bootnode that is up and fully running on the Sokol test network: netstat linked here.

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My pleasure, Jim - I look forward to the same! As it’s built on a permissioned blockchain, I strongly believe that POA Network will be well-positioned to appeal to enterprises. Furthermore, while I’m still wrapping my brain around the potential applications of POA bridges, I share the conviction that it will be powerful selling point by allowing companies to commoditize trust & exchange it between private and public blockchains.


Would be good to hear your thoughts on this topic:

Hello @hearth great profile and such a great initiative. By day I too work on data visual applications to help tell the better story with data.

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Hi Marat, you are absolutely correct! Within HR itself there are tremendous opportunities: smart contracts could bring executive compensation out the shadows make pay-for-performance more transparent across industries, and take a bite out of market survey vendors. Beyond that, applicant tracking and verification for recruitment… the possibilities go on and on, and as distributed trust gains a foothold, we may begin to find applications that move payroll away from a database to a blockchain that allows for broader pay equity and governance.

What I meant is that these will be the purview of specific startups and R&D groups that will become vendors of these products to SMBs and enterprise partners. For SMBs, investing in these technologies themselves is the risky move.


@hearth welcome to the community! I’d love to hear what projects in the industry you find interesting these days?


Welcome to the forum


Hey @Marat, please forgive the delay in my reply. To be sure we’re on the same page, I understand hybrid blockchains as having a public element - secured over widely distributed ledgers where all transactions are verifiable, but identity of transactors is hidden - and a permissioned element, in which access and consensus rights are managed by a limited group. Are we defining it the same way?

While I believe that cross-chain transactions and frameworks like POA Network’s bridge is a very natural progression of functionality, I personally struggle to imagine the uses for a hybrid network. Here’s why: when I think of a private blockchain, my brain first thinks of corporate applications, where companies are using it as ground truth for multiple regions, departments & vendors. This is a step up from existing databases if there are enough network participants for security through consensus to be meaningful. Within this private network, access rights management makes a lot of sense. But what would the public state of this blockchain offer? I think it’s biggest use would be as an audit tool, but if the identity of transactors is masked, regulating agencies wouldn’t be any better off.

Reading your post about hybrid chains, I’m still a bit murky about the utility of a public chain clone to Company 1, etc. Would you mind elaborating? What are some uses that you have been considering?

Thank you, Angeleen - I enjoyed reading your profile as well! I never used to consider myself an artist, but storytelling with data has given my creativity a whole new direction to grow :smiley:

Just started listening to your podcast btw and am glad to see DApp University promoted… great job!

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Thank you, Igor - I’m glad to be here and I look forward to contributing my time & efforts to growing the POA network!

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Hey Oxana, I appreciate the welcome! It’s tough to stay on top of all the projects that are coming out constantly. I like especially learning about projects that focus on the human element, which is fortunate considering my work background.

The sanctity of identity is something we recognize here at POA Network but also something that has concerned me for a long time. Many of us take citizenship and our official records for granted, but sadly many do not have that luxury.

If you haven’t heard of Building Blocks, I recommend checking them out. This project is being piloted by the UN World Food Program in Jordan, and aims to help asylum seekers in refugee camps create a record of their identity on the blockchain using their transactions (ex. purchasing rations). The record could also serve as a credit history when they are ready to relocate.

There are several other interesting projects in this space that I follow, such as SelfKey, Civic & uPort (which is based in Brooklyn, btw), that aspire towards self-sovereignty and letting individuals control access to their identity and consumer data. That said, I’m still quite fascinated by projects that span the gamut from AI-facilitated micropayments for IoT machines to new asset classes; it just makes me extra happy when new technologies unlock new ways for more people to live with dignity!


Kevin, Welcome to the POA Community!

I was just talking about uPort today with someone. It’s a pretty fascinating project from Consensys. I believe it’s being used in production for identity within the town of Zug Switzerland.

“There are several other interesting projects in this space that I follow, such as SelfKey, Civic & uPort (which is based in Brooklyn, btw), that aspire towards self-sovereignty and letting individuals control access to their identity and consumer data.”

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Thank you, Adam! I’m delighted to become a part of this community.

You’re absolutely right - citizen registration in Zug was rolled out on uPort back in November, and I’m deeply hopeful that the voting initiatives they pilot this year will amount to a big success. I must add that I’m altogether impressed with several Consensys projects. I’ve been following Civil, Ujo and Gnosis for a while, and only too recently realized that they’re all ConsenSys-backed. Even Metamask is! Gotta love Brooklyn :smiley:


Thank you @hearth. Small world with Gregory from Dapp University!