Kiryl Ihnatsyeu - Miami, FL - Notary Public

Hello POA Network community! I’m very excited to meet some of you here!

My name is Kiryl Ihnatsyeu and I’m a Cerified Notary out of Florida state. I say now because just recently my wife and I moved from San Francisco (where I lived over 10 years ) to Miami to be closer to our family. My background is at the intersection of business and technology - I studied at HAAS business school and have been working in technology consulting since then. Professionally I focus on implementation of various IoT solutions into large corporations. Apart from that I have a passion in photography where I run a small photo studio here in Miami.

I started being interested in blockchain technology in 2014 right around the time when my wife got a job at a blockchain startup (Wyre) where she currently works. As I was learning more about the technology, I remember how excited I was about a new era of decentralization. As I knew that it was just the very beginning, I couldn’t wait to see when most industries (including banking, real estate, healthcare, legal and more) would be transformed by utilizing blockchain technology as an underlying fabric of information transfer. A knew that a very bright future is ahead of us, the future with much less bureaucracy, with higher transparency, higher efficiency and better security. So I was fully on board with a movement right from my initial introduction to blockchain.

Since then I’ve been educating myself about different players in the space, their technologies and directions they are taking. I also had a chance to invest in number of companies.

Not too long ago my friend Roman Storm who is an active sokol validator told me about POA Network and what you guys are working on. Very exciting stuff! I think the problem of interoperability, speed and cost are the top most important challenges in the space and your approach of solving them really stands out from the rest! I would be honored and grateful to be part of your movement and hope I can contribute to its success.


FL Notary Public ID - 1561877
Commission Expiration Date - 12/26/2022
Verification Link -


Hello Kiryl, thanks for your introduction! You have a very impressive background. One tool candidates used to prepare themselves for technical responsibilities of validators is to deploy, run a bootnode on Sokol network and keep up with network upgrades. Please let me know if you need help with that and have any other questions.



Hey guys,

I would like to give you an update. After a couple of attempts I finally got my Sokol Bootnode up and running few days ago. The instance seems to be stable and in sync now. I’m very excited to see the project growth and highly appreciate the opportunity to being part of the community.

Thank you!