Kovan Faucet Top Up

Hi all!

We are currently running a Kovan Faucet here, and we started with 100,000 kETH. After just a couple months, we are already down to about half of that.

What are the chances someone could send this 1,000,000 kETH? We are due to expire in 45 days, and we’d love to keep offering the faucet to the community!

Here is the address: Address 0x4281ecf07378ee595c564a59048801330f3084ee | Etherscan

Thank you! @igorbarinov helped us out last time, hoping you can help out again!

Hi @PatrickAlphaC I have just sent another 30K KETH to the faucet address. Here is the tx: Kovan Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Currently, there is almost 85,000 KETH in the faucet. That should last for a couple of months. When you are running low on KETH in the faucet again, feel free to ping me here. Thank you!